Joseph Brigham has worked in the information technology (IT) field for the past 24+ years. Most recently, he served for nearly 9 years as the Staff Director of the Technology Review Workgroup (TRW), a statutory office of the Florida Legislature, charged with advising the appropriations and substantive policy committees of the Florida House of Representatives and Florida Senate on state and local government related IT funding requests and policy issues under consideration by the Legislature. The TRW was the primary legislative entity responsible for developing substantive IT policy analysis and providing funding analysis and recommendations in the legislative appropriations process. TRW was also responsible for developing and reengineering the annual IT budget instructions, tools, and processes used by all state agencies; conducting legislative oversight (IV&V) on major IT projects and initiatives; and identifying the corrective actions needed to recover high-risk or poorly performing major IT projects. Many of these responsibilities required the preparation of objective analyses, detailed written reports, and committee presentations delivered in public meetings / hearings. 

A few examples of the major IT policy initiatives led, or significantly supported, by the TRW during Joe’s tenure included: establishment of the Agency for Enterprise Information Technology and Florida’s enterprise IT service framework in law, establishment of the Data Center Consolidation and Enterprise Electronic Mail initiatives, Implementation Plan for the Statewide Court System, Senate Florida Financial Management Information Systems (FFMIS) Study, and establishment of the 1st statewide HIPAA project management office to ensure state compliance with federal HIPAA requirements.

Prior to leading the Technology Review Workgroup, Joe was a principal consultant for Hewlett-Packard Consulting, and was responsible for managing all aspects of HP’s consulting, system integration and IT managed services business within various public and private sector territories. Services provided to HP clients included: custom IT infrastructure solutions; consolidation; application design / development; customer relationship management (CRM); enterprise resource planning (ERP); independent project assessment; project management and recovery; IT management / operations assessment and optimization; security; and Internet E-Business / E-Government solutions. During his time at HP, Joe also served on HP’s North American Project Management Methodology development council responsible for developing revisions to HP’s global project management methodology.

Before working for Hewlett-Packard, Joe spent 8 ½ years working for the Office of Planning and Budgeting in the Florida Governor’s Office in the Systems Design and Development Unit in various management positions, including that of Chief Analyst. During his tenure in the Governor’s Office, he and his staff were responsible for designing, developing, and supporting the mission-critical infrastructure and production applications used by all state agencies in Florida’s annual appropriation cycle.

Joe began his career in the mid 1980’s as an IT consultant and was responsible for the design and development of numerous custom software applications and implementation of local and wide area network systems for many public and private sector entities.