Our Company  is built on a single principle - service. If we work for you, you can be guaranteed of thorough research, honest advice, and workable solutions.

Not just a state, Florida is our home. For 19 million of us, what happens here affects our ability to raise a family, own a home, walk safe streets, enjoy a job, and feel secure in our future and that of our children.

The issues of the day deserve our attention. We have unemployment, a Gulf oil spill, a stagnant economy, hurricanes, and costs that rise faster than our ability to pay them.
But the issues of tomorrow, the ones that our children will face, are often not on our daily agendas. The availability of cheap clean water, the quality of education in a rapidly changing world, the growth of new stable industries with good-paying jobs, and the quality of our infrastructure from bridges to utility lines, are the kinds of issues that can get lost in our focus on the crises of today.

ETHOS is spirit, but not just any spirit. It's the kind that motivates ideas and customs. We believe that what each of us thinks, how we form our ideas and how those ideas become customs, can be motivated by information - facts and figures rather than slogans and paid advertisements.

Where information is available, Floridians show an amazing ability to put that information to good use. Just think about the last time you shopped for a cell phone. You probably talked to friends, read internet reviews and compared features, prices, and plans. All that information was available to you and you made a good choice.

Now think about the last time you voted. Did you have any easy place to get information? Or were you stuck with deciding based on who had the most yard signs, TV ads, and popular slogans? T.S. Eliot wrote, "The general ethos of the people they have to govern determines the behavior of politicians."

Capital Analytics in the news.

Capital Analytics will provide your association or company with comprehensive, unbiased public policy analysis and solutions for state and local issues in Florida. Our consulting services consist of research, analysis, drafting, and advice on policy making. especially in the areas of budget, taxation. and information technology.

With well over 120 years of collective experience in Florida government, we bring an unparalleled level of expertise and knowledge of Florida public policy to the table. We can fill the gap between what businesses, associations and other groups need in order to define and promote policy change and what lobbyists are able to provide in terms of promoting that change. 

It all starts here:

The Florida Constitution Formatted for printing.

The Florida Constitution with Index Formatted for printing.

A few useful websites:

State of Florida, Government Organizational Chart

Florida Population and Demographic Data, Office of Economic and Demographic Research

Florida Supreme Court Opinions

Index of Programs by State Agency, OPPAGA